Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'The Famous 5' in Bowdon

On October 19th at the Bowdon Hotel in Altrincham Forward Ladies, Nicola Sands, Bobbi Brown, Laundry Boutique and I hosted a fabulous ladies style event.
Forward Ladies Networking enables women of all ages to be more confident in life and business (much like myself really!) through knowledge, contacts, support and friendship.
And so, we chose 5 ladies from Cheshire and Manchester and gave them the opportunity to talk about being a professional in business in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.
For those who missed it, here is a photo of the aptly named ‘Famous 5’ from the event... Styled by yours truly and looking gorgeous daahlings!!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Heat Wave Warmed Our Merry Nation

It’s been a peculiar week working as a personal stylist here in good ‘ole Blighty...
For readers of this post living abroad let me fill you in quickly...
As a Brit, the weather is always our favoured talking point –this week more so than usual. Why? Because in October (generally considered one of the worst months of the year here) we have witnessed 7 days of scorching sunshine! Yes- that’s right! What can only be described as a ‘heat wave’ warmed our merry nation.
And as a stylist it has been the strangest of experiences; advising clients on their best winter coats, jackets and knitwear whilst brain-melting rays beat down upon us.
Anyway, it was short lived (it is raining at this very moment) and we now continue our lives ever-so-slightly browner.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tall and Slim... The lucky sod!

Way back in June, when the sun was shining and the school holidays had yet to begin (those were the days huh?) I gave an after dinner presentation to a gaggle of professional ladies. After working them through my slick sales patter and stunning them into a booking frenzy I was quite the happy-chappy as I hurtled back up the M60.

One lady who booked on the evening was Sandi; a loving Wife, and Mother to her brutally-honest teenage Daughter.

Sandi was a particularly memorable client for me because her tall and slim figure (Yes! –she had been blessed with both. Lucky sod!) had allowed her to stay at the forefront of fashion for the majority of her life. Yet as she got older bulges appeared here and there and inevitably her shape changed to one of the many that brainless Fashionista’s foolishly never cater for... Welcome to your world, right?!

Our consultation was fantastic and the transformation I saw in Sandi was immediate and beyond my expectations. Here is what she had to say following her personal shopping experience...

"Luke is personable, well informed, fun and exceptionally good value. I used to know what suited me and how to dress, but as years have added little bulges and shape changes, shopping has become a chore and I had lost confidence in my ability to dress myself well.
One afternoon with Luke changed all that and I am now really looking forward to a shopping trip with my teenage daughter this afternoon..."

And it didn’t end there! Just a few hours later I heard from Sandi again…

"My shopping experience was brilliant. Will look forward to shopping now instead of dreading it..."
And again...

 "I'm looking for a dress but having fun with it now and its really great to know that if it looks terrible it’s just because it doesn't meet my rules. Not because I'm fat and old!"
And again. She really was ecstatic at this point…

"I keep meaning to tell you I bought TWO dresses. I took my Daughter and Husband to House of Fraser and had them buzzing around looking for dresses that met my rules. It was great fun! My daughter said it was the best shopping fun we've had in ages because she didn’t buy anything and I was carrying all the bags!"
Isn’t that lovely?

I’ve already scoured the high-street stores analyzing what’s on offer this Autumn/Winter, and I have to say I’m excited to share the collections with you. So, if you would like to listen to my ‘slick sales patter’ and experience a similar day to Sandi, please give me a call on 07731557689 or email for a free 30 minute no-obligation consultation.

The Famous 5 in Bowdon, Altrincham

Five Forward Ladies, Styling and Fashion, Business Showcases and Networking and Lunch.

Five Forward Ladies, one from each age group have the opportunity to talk about being a Woman in Business today and promote their own individual companies. We are keeping it local and our five ladies will be wearing outfits which will be beautifully provided by the gorgeous " Laundry" boutique in Altrincham, and make-up by Bobbi Brown.

We've got Luke Sutton providing entertaining styling and there will be a raffle for the Childrens Adventure Farm Trust.

Reception drink, 2 course lunch, tea and coffee.

To book visit, 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

My interview with Kate from

Hello Luke! Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I certainly can, I am Luke Sutton Independent Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Stylist and I am based in Manchester.

You are an image consultant, what exactly does that mean?

A consultant by definition in any field is a professional committing to resolve the problems, you (as a client) put before them. For me of course, these problems are all about image and style. I work with a diverse mixture of ladies, experiencing the bewilderment, misery and bitterness of low self-esteem. To them, image is nothing but a barrier to their happiness, confidence and success. And so, I find my service differs from others as I integrate a stronger focus on the emotional as well as the visual. With me, we address BOTH.

What inspires you when you give fashion advice?

It has to be the client- particularly if she is a lady struggling with low self-confidence! To provide her with the knowledge, expertise and resources needed to revolutionize the way she perceives her shape and her style, and to witness that transformation is phenomenal.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of your job?

Disadvantages? Surely there are none, oi vey! And as for advantages, how long have you got? In this role there are plenty… Not to keep repeating myself, but I’m going to say my clients again! They are the reason I do what I do- if they are delighted, then so am I.

What are the essential outfits for this summer?

This summer women have a great choice of clothing available; from the revival of 70’s flares and bohemian hippy-chic, to trends that are less ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and more ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ such as cat-eye sunglasses, kitten heels, feminine blouses and capri trousers. I personally don’t advocate trying to follow the latest trends, and couldn’t care less if Marc Jacobs sent an ensemble of drop-waisted chiffon dresses down his Autumn/Winter runway. I would encourage all women to step away from fashion for a moment and focus on strengthening their distinctive signature style through good quality, practical and figure-flattering clothing.

What is your fashion advice that you would like to share with the members of LooknBe?

Besides seeking the help of a personal stylist you mean? Ha-ha. I’d encourage all women to experiment and have fun with their individual style… What we wear provides a visual representation of the type of person we are. It is important that when dressing the rules of style should be remembered, but what is far more important is that we express some individuality and have fun experimenting with clothes, accessories & colour. Keeping your style evolving & fresh maintains enthusiasm and a confidence.

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